When it comes to weddings I love to work with seasonal novelty blooms, inspired by sophisticated  European feel, garden aesthetic, and the natural beauty of the world. I love colors and using a wide array of color pallets to tell the story of each event. My designs typically flower heavy rather than greenery heavy, and I use natural flowers and materials that are eco-friendlyI care about the smallest details, and I believe flowers should be arranged loosely in a style that allows each stem to be showcased. I spend lots of hours designing a visual statement that reflects who you are. I communicate with local growers to purchase the best affordable flowers (long-lasting and fresh flowers are an important part of the design process). I also contact your other vendors to make sure your event will be compatible throughout.

Everything I create for you is customized for you and designs are never duplicated. Unlike traditional flower shops, I don't carry an assortment of fresh flowers on hand: rather I pre-order specifically for each of our weddings and give special care to each bloom. Your bouquets and arrangements are handcrafted into polished designs 1-2  days before your wedding day. Because our designs are specialized and require time to perfect, I book a limited number of weddings each year.


I  look forward to creating something beautiful just for you!