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While attending gardening and landscape school in Poland (where I was born and raised) it was there when I began to gravitate towards floral design and nature. It seemed only right to take the Love for Flowers with me to the United States.

I studied international business at DeVry  University ,while taking care of my children. My love for flowers also led me to online floral workshops which reignited my creative sparks,in an instant I knew that flowers were the medium I had been searching for.




How did I learn unstructured  style of floral design? Life long love for flowers/plants inspired by my mom. She taught me to appreciate every plant and flower. In addition, practice this is really what matters too. I spend hours working in the flower shops and then practicing at home arranging, pulling apart, rearranging again ,and doing all over again. 


 At this point in my life I can't imagine doing anything else. I love being surrounded by happy people and couples that is what excite me and put my soul in peace. Growing own blooms seems like natural next step for my floral design business. When I am not designing ,I am meditating, hiking-doing outdoors activities, reading books, spending time with my husband , traveling ,and most importantly spending time with my two energetic boys.

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